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Welcome To Crocus Creations


It is said that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians began sending greeting cards thousands of years ago. Times have certainly changed since then, but one thing hasn’t—our age old desire to send greeting cards to our friends, family and associates. It’s our way of letting people know that we think of them. 

Not long after I began to paint, I decided to print greeting cards for my friends and family. Most of my family and many of my friends live far away, so it seemed only natural for me to express my feelings by painting and designing cards myself. That is why one of my favorites is my “Thinking of You” card. Since then, I have been building my line to the point where I believe that I may have a card that is just right for you to send as well!  Life is full of ups and downs. Sharing our feelings is an integral part of the human condition. Just as the crocus flower is the first flower of spring, it is my hope that a Crocus Creations greeting card will become the card of first choice for you. Come and share with me!


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